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Standing your Ground

I just returned from a remarkable workshop in Mount Shasta. One of the most memorable

quotes I bring back with me is this:

If you do not stand your ground , someone else will

take it.

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I had the opportunithy to teach in Mt. Shasta 10 yrs or so ago. And it was an adventure of a lifetime. I did readings, healings and sold my book and jewelry in a special little park where ancient geyser water came out from a small mt. rock. I watched as the star children who once known as hippies, using same type v.w. buses, walked on large flat rocks to receive the clear cold water in many forms of containers. I felt as if I was back at the well with Jesus.

Then climbed mt. Shasta, in hopes that the Lemurians would invite me into their secret sanctum. Although, it didn't happen I could still feel them as I meditated…

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