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Shamanic Spiritual Healing and Counseling

Shamanic spiritual healings, mentoring and shamanic journeys are not a substitute for traditional medical treatment or psychological counseling. If you have a serious medical, mental or emotional condition please see your Doctor or other appropriate professional and make complementary healing part of a complete health care program.

My purpose is to help people find healing within themselves. We all have access to tremendous healing power within our own body, and through compassionate spirit guides and loving angels I work to help those who come to me access that strength and power within their own selves. The goal is to heal the mind, body and spirit.Many people find it comforting to find a mentor to just listen to their pain and help to release many bent up emotions that can cause serioius illness and dis-ease.



Angel Card Readings


All readings are for entertainment value only. They are not meant for medical, legal or financial advice.


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