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Areas of Practice



There are various avenues available to you at the center. Feel which one speaks to you. Now is a great time to investigate the many paths that lead to higher consciousness. Feel free to call me to discuss your questions. A gathering or drum circle is sometimes a good way to start and meet like minded people. We also offer A free women's group twice a month.  For those who are experienced meditators and want the leading edge quantum field explorations, we offer The Stargate Energy Meditation. This is an accelerated meditation. It is all about the journey....are you ready ???

Crystal Chromotherapy  Healing Bed




The crystal bed is a unit with seven perfectly shaped Brazilian crystals above you and aligned to point toward each chakra. These are actually John of God blessed crystals of the finest clear quality and carved into points. Lights corresponding to the colors of the seven main chakras shine through the crystals and are set at a pulsing vibration. The energy travels through these beautiful crystals and into your chakras.  Some people say they leave their body and float above, some say they have amazing visions and insights. You can take these crystal bed sessions at the Casa in Brazil, there are also a few authorized John of God crystal bed owners around the world.

 $100.00 hour session

Reiki Healing

Diane  is Reiki Master. She has studied the Usui and Tibetan method from master teacher Gail Thackray. Diane likes to use Reiki along with message and sometimes counseling if she deems it necessary. Reiki works well with her Shamanic healing practices as well. If you need healing, or have blocks in your Chakras, ( Energy Field) this is a very powerful way to heal and align 

 $150.00 per single hour

$600 for SIX sessions



Spiritual Life Coaching
di and brook.jpg
Shamanic Counseling
and Healing

Shamanism is the oldest form of healing on Earth. It has been practiced across the globe for at least 50,000 years. It is a way of living in harmony with all the energetics of the world. Through the application of shamanic teachings, you learn positive strategies to remove stress in your life and create a new emotional freedom. You will discover the ancient teachings and learn how to heal and integrate both your Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine Energy Shields into wholeness. Through sound, action and intention, you heal the energy centers of your body – your heart, solar plexus and chakras. Shamans practice many forms of healing. It is something that is individual to each Shaman and their spirit guides. This center will help you find a Shaman that suits your individual needs. We offer classes on Shamanism and individual counseling.



The Stargate  Energy Meditations

You Are Invited to Discover What the Stargate Experience Is All About...


This is an opportunity to feel the presence of your guides...To be immersed in a high-vibrational energy field...A field that is so tangible, so transformative, that you cannot avoid being touched by it. Your heart opens - your vibration raises... Your limitations have the potential of simply dissolving in this energy field. The basis of the Stargate is not work - it is an Experience - it is a relaxation - it is a letting go and relaxing into a powerful, transformational energy field.

The multidimensional energies that are radiated touch each person at a very deep level. Many people find themselves experiencing:


-Spontaneous physical healing

-Sudden clarity and major insights

-Deep relaxation and stress evaporating

-The dissolving of karmic influences and unresolved issues

-Healing abilities being activated

-Recalling past life experiences

-Spontaneous activation of inner vision and psychic abilities


One of the most difficult things about the Stargate Experience is the realization that there is nothing to do… just sit back, close your eyes and the energy will do the rest!

$20.00 3 hours


As part of our Shamanic training we are taught that much of our expression is lodged deep inside our very soul. Through painting and creating medicine baskets and drums, rattles and other tools, we are able sometimes to tap into those places we sometimes do not have a good way to access. We all have artistic talents, but sometimes get
so caught up in the world that we fail to explore them. Here at the Center we offer workshops in medicine basket weaving, drum making, feather fans, shields and emotional painting. We have great teachers that help facilitate these teachings. Watch for our events as we post them on line or call and ask when the next event might be.

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