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Diane Broussard is the creator manifestor caretaker of the Diamond Springs Healing Center. She has created a sacred space that uplifts you and holds you in the warmth of its harmony and beauty. Every single objects has been chosen and placed lovingly and in an inspired way.


You can FEEL it when you are there. In addition she has extended her magic spell to the land reclaiming from overgrowth and rubble sacred native land and honoring by placing a medicine wheel opening space for the waters to find their flow. Sacredness and beauty surround you when you visit the Diamond Spring Healing Center. I am grateful and blessed to have been present to events and been invited to guide some.


Thank you Diane for your service at this time on Earth.
Shakti 2023

My retreat weekend with the Diamond Springs Center and Dianne Boussard was transformational. I soon settled into the peaceful energy of the Center and participated in a women's circle led by Diane that allowed me to see how I could manifest my personal power more effectively.


I had a wonderful overnight stay with Andy at his house adjacent to the Center, where I retreated to meditate and study. The next day I had a blissful hour with nature in the sun by the Center's pond and waterfall and then participated in a Drum Circle for the first time in my life. I left the Center totally spiritually energized, and made plans to return soon for a weekend that would also include a private session with Diane. I am so glad I took this time to visit the Diamond Springs Center for a personal spiritual retreat.

- Carol Feb 2024

Hi Diane - Extremely glad that I stayed for both your history & the meditation- Combining shamanic w Stargate gave me the wonderful Earth Experience of (I think) a powerful Aztec male lifetime that just surfaced last week in Mexico- May be my first powerful good lifetimes( where I loved human existence) that has come into awareness.

I loved the experience, but throat couldn't hold it when embodied in the east... and as soon as you brought in the Light, my throat was fine. That makes me think that normal Stargate would not have given me enough Earth experience to feel this lifetime. Your history narrative was so embodied that your words often allowed a visceral experience of the past. And you are extremely succinct. So again, thank you

Meeting Diane has been an impactful and special experience in my healing and self exploration journey - her spiritual work is one of wisdom and immense compassion and love. Upon my first visit to The Diamond Center and meeting Diane, my soul felt a sense of home. The center is a gem that is a sanctuary for people looking to practice, learn, and connect spiritually.

During my time at the center, I felt like I could be myself and express my spiritual being. Working with Diane has inspired me to seek transformation in my life and see the workings of guiding spirits and messengers in the support of this path. While joining the group meditations for the Diamond Springs Center trip to Mt. Shasta, I was amazed to see the spiritual family of like minded people from diverse backgrounds that are connected by the belief and practice of spiritual living and growth.

Paige 2023

I had a healing session yesterday... I felt so relaxed and light and peaceful afterwards that was the best half hour i have spent in a long time i will do it again very soon... thank you Diane for offering me the opportunity to try the Crystal Bed... it was well worth it.

I have enjoyed several Crystal Bead healings. Diane took much time to be sure I was able to discern my intention prior to using it. My drive home after my first time trying the bed, I felt like I was floating. It is a luxury, and I am so thankful to have this resource to assist me as i continue to grow spiritually.

Patty G


Diane is an amazing woman. She in an incredible healer and light worker. My mother and I had Chakra healings on her crystal bed. I felt so clear after. I would recommend her to anyone. Everyone needs healing alignment!


I've had the opportunity on several occasions to experience the Crystal Bed at the Diamond Springs Center. As you relax on the bed, the presence of the healing master’s works to provide healing balance to your physical and emotional body. The experience is different for each person, and each time you lie on the bed, but for me, it was an opportunity to leave my thoughts behind, to fully relax, and to soak in all the love and support that was very tangibly present.


Some people can feel the physical healing right away and for some there can be an emotional release. Whatever your immediate experience, the healing continues even after the session. Diane uses her expertise in Reiki energy healing to add to the experience and her pendulum to pre and post-test the energy flow in your body. She can also provide you with coaching to further clear any blocks still present.
I thoroughly enjoyed and recommend this experience.
In light and love,
Robin Moyer

Going to John of God in Brazil is where I first learned of the crystal beds. It was one of my favorite things to do there. Now that the Diamond Springs Healing center has one to offer, I am so excited.

I highly recommend checking out the crystal bed and it’s healing energy. The beds work on the chakras with color and light. Allow yourself to be open to receive messages and awakenings. I love my time in the bed and again, can’t say enough about how amazing it is.
Andrea Dawn

I had an healing session yesterday... I felt so relaxed and light and peaceful afterwards that was the best half hour I have spent in a long time I will do it again very soon... thank you Diane for offering me the opportunity to try the Crystal Bed... it was well worth it.

Simone Hale

Hey Diane,
Thanks so much for today. My body and mind are incredibly relaxed after our session. I actually feel altered . Amazing experience. Will reach out next week to schedule another session. I appreciate your time and look forward to working on the inner child.


Finally, I take the time to write you a review about my stay in your beautiful centre!

Before I came in the centre itself, I was drawn by the garden. It has an old beautiful energie, calming and very receptive. The centre itself felt like a little temple. Wow. This felt, being in many temples, as home easily.


The way Diane and Shari guided the stargate meditation was very personal and easy accessing... I can understand very well that people are attracted by her center. They are also very open to whoever wants to experience they personal guidance and path of growth. It's a place where spiritual souls uplift each other.


I recommend also Diana's healing bed; a wonderful 'heart and soul warming' experience. Thank you so much that my beloved Ann-Sofie and me got the opportunity to give a workshop there. If we ever are in the neighborhood, we will certainly visit again. With much much love and respect.


Guruprem Belgium

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