About the Center

851 Pleasant Valley Road.

Diamond Springs, Ca.



The Diamond Springs Center of healing arts and training has been a long time dream of mine. I have always wanted to have a resource of dedicated teachers and healers that all work together to increase the health and beauty of the community. Here at the center I offer many varied workshops classes from The Stargate Experience and Shamanic Healing and Counseling, to Channeling and Kids Camps. The center is  here to serve the community. I hope you browse through the pages of upcoming events and read about the many gifted people who are here to serve. The fees are reasonable. Please feel free to call me for advice or questions about who I feel might answer your questions and needs the best for you. I also offer small intimate gatherings where people get together to discuss their spiritual thoughts and ideas, even books. This is a safe haven for those who what to meet like-minded friends.

530-295-8440    209-337-8172