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Lynn Andrews



Author of the internationally acclaimed Medicine Woman Series, Lynn Andrews who has spent the last 30 years studying with shamanic women on three continents. This bestselling author shares her ancient teachings of shamanic training.

Lynn Andrews brings spiritual tools and compelling techniques for healing from the spiritual realm to the modern everyday physical world. Her techniques use the power of thought to take you beyond self-limitation to other realities. Through live shamanic gatherings and many other media outlets, Lynn uses a wide variety of experiential tools to lead her audiences deeper into themselves.

Lynn learned shamanic healing and empowerment directly from shaman women on three continents, not from lecturers at a podium, but, instead, through life learning, physical and spiritual world experience in her years with these several medicine women. Following decades of study, Lynn is now uniquely gifted in the multiple facets of shamanism, including not only healing, but also how to take others into her special world of energy and living a life of purpose with passion.

Lynn serves as director of her Mystery School and Writing School. In this role, she explores with her students the ancient teachings relating to the study of global shamanic cosmologies. As one of America’s best known shamanic healer and veteran metaphysical instructor, Lynn’s 21 books are published in 14 languages, including two New York and Los Angeles Times best sellers. She founded the Lynn Andrews School for Sacred Arts and Training in 1994, and from that her current four-year shamanic MYSTERY SCHOOL and her two year program called “Writing Spirit, The School” have emerged.  She has expanded her teaching range through her popular On Line Academy.

Mystery School students learn that, while most people concentrate on only one aspect of reality – the rational physical world – there is an equally important spiritual realm, a venue within which she is uniquely experienced.  In a four-year course of distance learning, students gain knowledge, while training in the techniques of shamanic healing and personal empowerment that Lynn has developed over her 32-year study. Graduates are certified shamanic healers, expert in the use of ancient rituals to enable deep personal transformation through understanding and balancing the physical and spiritual worlds.



Pixie Allen

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In walking the path of a modern day shaman my intention is to live in balance or "Ayni" as the Andean shamans call it and to share my skills of this ancient lineage with passion and compassion - to be of the highest service and the greatest good to my community and the world."

Completed the medicine wheel program with the Four Winds Light Body School Luminous Healing & Energy Medicine certification program. I'm currently trained in Luminous Energy Healing, Extractions , Soul Retrieval ,Chakra Clearing and Cleansing, Despachco Ceremonies, Home and Business Energy Clearings.

I am also certified by The Institute For Energy Medicine to teach the Dying Consciouslyworkshop. I also do  full moon and Solstice and Equinox fire ceremony's. I also combine my experience as a Reiki Master and Energy healer to help others on their journey of discovery and transformation.


Healing the Light Body School The Four Winds Society - Full Mesa Carrier
Dying Consciously Teacher Training  The Institute of Energy Medicine  2014
Minister   Universal Life Church  2008
Usui Reiki Master Teacher   2008
Advanced Bowen Therapy     2007
Touch for Health  2006








Andrea Driver

Psychic Medium Alchemist

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Going all the way back to my early childhood, I have vivid memories of talking with loved ones who had long since passed and seeing spirits in many different forms.


At the age of 5, I used to see and talk with my grandfather. Because these mediumship visions and conversations were not widely accepted, I pushed these intuitive gifts aside.


Then in 2012, I began a personal journey and committed to living a more authentic life. This has resulted in the full expression of my innate spiritual sensibilities and opening of some new ones.


Today, I hold a wide range of certifications in meditation, spiritual life coaching, spirit guide readings and more. These certifications help me provide my clients with a variety of tools and a language for the amazingly beautiful spiritual messages that are available for us all.