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Counselors and Healers


Diane Broussard

Spiritual Life Coach

Quantum Educator

Crystal /Reiki Energy Healer

Stargate Facilitator

Shamanic Practitioner 

+1 209 337 8172

Diane Broussard owns and operates the Diamond Springs Center of Healing arts and training in Diamond Springs, Cal.  Diane has studied at the University of Metaphysics in Association with the University of Sedona, she is also a Reiki Master. Diane is a graduate of the Lynn Andrew’s Shamanic Mystery School and an ordained minister. She is also a full mesa carrier, completing an apprenticeship with Don Oscar Mira Quesada in the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition, (Peruvian Shamanism). Diane also has completed several advanced classes in Core Shamanism. She  leads clients in Shamanic Journeys to find their personal guides and power animals

Diane is also a certified Stargate Facilitator and offers Stargate Meditations at her Center twice a month. A new addition to her center is a 6 foot copper Stargate. Diane believes that the Stargate Explorations into the expansive quantum field is the leading edge to all dimensions and to our New Earth. Perhaps a Stargate Meditation is the key to your journey home.

Diane is a Quantum Spiritual Life Coach and enjoys private counseling sessions with those seeking answers to personal questions. Diane uses various methods to help her clients based on what she feels is best for them. She is also an energy healer and often includes healing therapy for her clients if necessary, or she may suggest a separate session for healing alone. Diane uses her Chromotherapy Crystal Light Bed along with her Reiki and crystal energy modalities. She believes in healing the mind, body, and soul. Contact Diane for a private session.

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Robin Moyer

Certified Quantum Life Coach

Clinical Hypnotherapist

NLP and Shamanic Counselor

Stargate Facilitator

Practiced Intuitive and Workshop Leader

+1 530 497 0828

Robin is the owner of Passion Quest; A Path to Greater Health and Harmony, a proven, practical integrated approach to healing, self-discovery, learning, and accelerated transformation.  


For over 40 years, Robin has been trained and certified in the use of both contemporary Quantum tools, as well as ancestral non-traditional techniques for transformation and healing. Whether working individually or with small groups of clients, Robin’s passion is to assist you in removing all levels of barriers and blinders to your own greater abundance, peace, and joy, thereby allowing you to unlock the doors to your own abilities, intuition, and gifts.


As a teacher, Robin believes in empowering others with the tools she has learned. As a healer and intuitive, Robin has awakened her ability to access other levels of reality, to receive assistance from Ascended Guides, and to interpret visions. It is her desire and purpose during this time of great awakening, to guide others in doing the same.


“If we are truly to awaken that which we have come to accomplish in this lifetime, we must be willing to peel back the layers of obstruction to our sight, and remember who we truly are, our gifts, our purpose, and our unique connection to a greater Quantum existence.” – Love and light, Robin Moyer

Andrea Driver

Psychic Medium Alchemist

+1 916 796 LOVE (5683)

Going all the way back to my early childhood, I have vivid memories of talking with loved ones who had long since passed and seeing spirits in many different forms. At the age of 5, I used to see and talk with my grandfather. I pushed these intuitive gifts aside because these mediumship visions and conversations were not widely accepted.

Then in 2012, I began a personal journey and committed to living a more authentic life. This has resulted in the full expression of my innate spiritual sensibilities and opening of some new ones.

Today, I hold a wide range of certifications in meditation, spiritual life coaching, spirit guide readings and more. These certifications help me provide my clients with a variety of tools and a language for the amazingly beautiful spiritual messages that are available for us all.

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