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I have been guided to assist humanity in its Ascension process through the wisdom of The Masters and Star Beings as they present it, through their individual channels. After getting permission from the guides to ask questions of their channels, I will be doing a personal innerview so to speak. It is a very enlightening process. I hope it will bring much information to those who are drawn to listen.

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Portals to The Divine
Inner Viewing Star Beings through their channels
With Diane

There are many portals to the Divine. We are unique beings. That is why there are so many Teachers and Healers these days all offering service to humanity.

We all come from the Stars and to the Stars we will return. We connect with our individual soul conscious energy.  We have come to a time of awareness, and we are searching for those that speak our unique language. My site is filled with various Teachers, Healers, Mediums, Shamans, Galactics and other extraordinary beings whose soul purpose is to escort humanity to the Divine that is within each one of us. We are all much more than we think we are.

Each month host Diane Broussard will present a special guest who has a special gift to share with humanity. We are all moving into Oneness.


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