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Each month I feature outstanding guest speakers with a wide range of interesting spiritual growth topics

First Sunday of the month
Rev. Doc. Pattie Weber
From 11:00- 12:30


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Starting September 5th at 11:00 thru 12:30 experience the joy and inspiration Rev. Pattie brings. Pattie’s intention is to help you take the steps you want toward inner transformation and to meet life’s very real and difficult challenges with more confidence and strength through the realization of your Divine nature. Meet your soul community and take time for yourself, to nourish and replenish .


Bring a lunch and enjoy the garden afterwards

Rev. Dr. Pattie Weber is a joyful spiritual entrepreneur. She is known for the deep spiritual quality, great joy and enthusiasm she brings to every endeavor. Rev. Dr. Pattie Weber is an outstanding, charismatic, gifted speaker. She demonstrates joy and authenticity, and has an ability to captivate, energize, inspire and empower change in people lives, and is affectionately called Dr. Joy.

Wednesdays at The Diamond Center

Becoming Superconscious

5:00 - 6:30 

offering $10

Expanding Into Superconciousness


 It is about becoming an enhanced perceiver of what is truly happening for you as a human being so that you can resolve those anchors, those ties to the lower conscious experiences. During the meditation, you are invited to sense your human form expanding and merging with the Superconscious self, as if your physical boundaries are dissolving into the sphere of the Superconscious you.


I will be playing videos from Alcazar, the Stargate Guides as they presented channeled information  from Feb. thru Dec. 2021   A different video every week as Alcazar takes us slowly into the Quantum Field to experience and connect with our unique higher selves.