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Drum and Journey with Mariscela and Theodore

This Sunday- November 12th, from 2-4

at The Diamond Springs Center of healing arts and training

Drum and Healing Circle with Mariscela and Theodore

Mariscela Alvarez, was born in the highlands of Perú. Being raised in a culture full of traditions from the land of the Incas, led her to reconnect and learn healing techniques from the Andean and Native American wisdom. Mariscela is the founder of Free Your Spirit, a holistic practice based on the knowledge that we are an integrated system in which our minds interact and affect our physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. As a Shamanic-healing practitioner, Mariscela guides people to activate their spiritual essence and sense of well-being by helping them clear blocked energies with the application of Shamanic journeys, soul and power loss retrieval, release of energetic interference and more.

Theodore Upton carries the Native American tradition of his Wailaki lineage, a northwestern California tribe who believed that spirits were present in all objects, inanimate as well as animate. Theodore, as his ancestors, also acknowledges that the source of the shaman’s power is his ability to communicate with the creator God and to live in harmony with nature. In the Wailaki way of being, the earth and all living things upon it were respected. Only what was needed was taken with reverence and gratitude. Theodore is a healing practitioner in the arts of Reiki, Aromatherapy, Buddhism meditation and Lineage Clearing techniques.

Mariscela and Theodore offer monthly Shamanic Journeying and Drumming Circles during the New and Full Moon cycle, as well as Solstice and Equinoxes ceremonies. They also organize Spiritual Journeys to the most sacred places in Perú and Bolivia. A trip to the Peruvian jungle is also offered once a year. Coming up next year, they will be facilitating spiritual trips to India and Nepal, following the path of the Buddha.

851 Pleasant Valley Road

Diamond Springs, Cal


Cost $15.00

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