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Sunday 3:00 Diamond Springs Center

Join us at the new Diamond Springs Center as we drum in circle and create healing energy for the community. Afterwards we will go out in nature and create an Apacheta.

Building an apacheta brings people together in reverent, prayerful ceremony to remember our relationships with all life through prayerful offerings of gratitude. Physically, apachetas are piles of rocks, or cairns, found throughout the Andes that mark the high points of mountain passes from whence all water flows downward, nurturing the landscape. Yet much more than this, apachetas are

understood as guardians and teachers, as powerful allies and relatives. Like the apus, which their graceful stone structure mirrors, they channel energy from the heavens into our beloved Mother Earth. In the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition, we build apachetas as “acupuncture” points that strengthen the flow of energy running throughout the earth by means of our offerings and our prayers. In addition, building an apacheta provides opportunities for us to unburden ourselves as we transfer our troubles into the stones that we leave on these earth altars. Our “seed thoughts” of healing intention are made manifest by our purity of heart, our deep compassion, and our care. We tend and feed apachetas with haywas of cornmeal, tobacco, coca leaves, fragrant waters, and more. Because we also receive as we give, apachetas are also places we may journey to as pilgrims to tap into the renewing energy of Pachamama’s energetic grid.

Meet and greet pot luck following---- bring a dish--a drum or rattle.

851 Pleasant Valley Road, Diamond Springs


$10 donation

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