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New Diamond Springs Center is being born

The new Diamond Springs Center for healing arts and training ,is currently being erected. This is a dream come true for me. My contractor holds my vision of a scared space and is working with me to create an amazing Temple. I have people already booking space to use the facility. The Placerville Drum Circle will be coming here in 2018 to continue teaching and drumming in the Shamanic tradition. We will continue to have evenings with Andrea, our in house Psychic, Medium. We will also be holding Stargate experiences into the quantum levels, journeys into the 5th dimension and beyond, and a special ceremony from Ascended Master Saint Germain, called the Accelerator Chair. Many different teachers will bring their presence here including Linda Lee from Young Living , Reiki Masters, Astrologers and numerologists, to name a few. Please stay tuned to our growing list of adventures. I look forward to meeting new and old friends. We will share and pot luck together.



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