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Diamond Springs Center will have a new Home Soon

Diamond Springs Center of Healing Arts and Training

I am excited to announce that my new Center should be completed by end of July. Same place in Diamond Springs, but this new building will be in my backyard by the pond. It will have patios, fire pits, medicine wheels, pond and much natural Mother Nature, including plants and animals. The workshop schedule will include teachers and healers from different modalities. There will be weekend workshops including drum making and basket making. I love that we can add potlucks to all events if wanted. This is my dream, to have a center where like minded people can meet and greet in peace and serenity. I will keep you informed when the Grand Opening will be.

Namaste and Thank You Great Spirit

PLacerville Shamanic Drum Circle

will be moving to the Diamond Springs Center in 2017, but in the meantime we will still meet at The Odd Fellows Hall 467 Main Street , Placerville. We are changing our schedule, so please take note. We will meet the first Sunday of Every month starting at 300 for healers and continuing from 4-6 for the public who have not completed Shamanic basics in healing. They will be able to receive healing from the healers present. WE will still have two days workshops throughout the year starting with our Spirits of Nature Workshop May 13-14 and Beginner's Guide to Shamanism June 24th-25th. I will send flyers on those. You need to sign up for the May workshop now.

Contact Peter 916-799-7001

Medium, Psychic , Spiritual Guide May 5th 6:00

Our wonderful Medium and Channel Andrea Dawn is back from a month long journey to the sacred sites of Europe. She is filled with Spirit and we are so lucky to have her next Friday May 5 , here at the Diamond Springs Center.

Andrea, is an amazing medium who brings healing advice and messages from people’s ancestors and guides. She has helped so many people find closure with relatives who have passed and found profound healing and answers from the Spirit Realm. The group is limited to 10 or less and everyone gets a reading. The center is a safe and comfortable place for all those who attend and it truly is an experience you might want to experience. If you feel and little light inside that is saying maybe I should? Then you should. The cost is $50 a person. Please call and reserve a spot as it is limited.

Join me along with Lynn Andrews- in Scottsdale Arizona for the 28th Annual Joshua Tree Event

June 16-18. This is three day workshop

taught by bestselling author, teacher and respected Medicine Woman, Lynn Andrews, also, founder of the Lynn Andrews 4 year Mystery School. Move deeply into shamanic journeying to meet and begin working with some of your Spirit Guardians and Guides who love you and are always with you. Meet kindred spirits from all over the world. Experience the Fire ceremony and Elk Pole Ceremony. Walk the Labyrinth. Renew yourself among the many sacred spaces at the Renewal Center. This is a vacation that will change your life.

for info go to

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