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Sunday Community Healing Circle

Placerville Shamanic Drum Circle

Our Intention

The intention of the Placerville Shamanic Drumming Circle is to offer members of the community a safe and nurturing place to receive spiritual healing and guidance. We are dedicated to helping local and global communities. Our Purpose

Our purpose is to serve the community in a way that will enhance our relationship with Spirit, so that its members can experience the beauty, power and profound personal healing found through ancient shamanic traditions, while also learning the culture and wisdom teachings of the shamanic path if they choose to do so.

The Shamanic Path

For those called to be shamanic practitioners, for the purpose of serving others and helping to alleviate suffering in the world or who want to deepen their relationship with Spirit for their own spiritual healing, the Placerville Shamanic Drumming Circle offers basic and advanced courses in Core Shamanism and teachings from other cultures and traditions. Courses are taught by experienced, certified teachers thoroughly trained in Shamanism.

Meet Like-Minded People

At our circles we drum, dance, journey, have fire ceremonies, learn about and experience the non-ordinary realms of the human existence.

When: First and Third Sunday 2 – 4 pm

The First Sunday of every month is an Open Community Healing Drum Circle. Everyone is welcome!

The Third Sunday of every month is for those who have taken the Core Shamanism workshop and are experienced in journeying.

Where: Upstairs at the Smith Flat House2021 Smith Flat Rd in Placerville More info: call Diane at 530-295-8440 or visit or Facebook @ Placerville Shamanic Drumming

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