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A place where souls can evolve – one soul at a time.
Coaching, Meditation, Drum Circles, Stargate Energy Meditations,
and access to The Quantum Field.
Meditation by the Sea


Diamond Springs Center of Healing Arts and Training thanks you for your interest in our offerings.


Our objective is to create a center for spiritual healing and training and a safe haven to express our uniqueness.


We offer Energy Healing and Counsel, Quantum Spiritual Life Coaching, Inner Child Work, Shamanic Journey, Stargate Meditations, Drum, Gong and Crystal Bowl Meditation Baths and varied workshops,  classes, and guest presenters from many healing modalities.  


This Center is a sanctuary for all to come and spend time in the gardens for private meditation or to spend time with a healing guide for spiritual insight.


Serving mind, body, heart and spirit.




We all have Angels, Spirit Guides, Power Animals and loved ones ready to offer guidance, serenity, and comfort to the answers we are seeking.
The question is...
how to access their wisdom to bring more serenity to our lives?


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