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Welcome to

The Group

( Men and Women on a Mission

The Group, is a gathering for those many emerging men and women who feel the time for their spiritual presence is now. We all have had lifetimes of guilt, shame, unworthiness, persecution and more.
It is time to let go and release our pain into the morphic field of humanity, raising the consciousness of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine for all.

It is important that we realize the responsibility we have towards humanity at this time of awareness, to integrate the Devine Feminine with the Divine Masculine.

The first Thursday of the month will be dedicated and comprised of men and women who are willing to move forward, releasing the past and renewing the future to a oneness of soul expression.

Come and meet your brothers and sisters


The Diamond Center

851 Pleasant Valley Road

Diamond Springs Cal


Offering $20.00

call Diane for more information 209-337-8172