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Experience the Stargate

March 18th 2:00-4:00

April 15th 2:00-4:00

May 6th 2:00-4:00

You Are Invited To Discover What The Stargate Experience Is All About...

This is an opportunity to feel the presence of your guides...

To be immersed in a high-vibrational energy field...

A field that is so tangible, so transformative,

that you cannot avoid being touched by it.

Your heart opens - your vibration raises...

Your limitations have the potential of simply dissolving in this energy field.

The basis of the Stargate is not work - it is a relaxation - it is a letting go and relaxing into a powerful, transformational energy field. The multidimensional energies that are radiated touch each person at a very deep level. Many people find themselves experiencing: -Spontaneous physical healing -Sudden clarity and major insights -Deep relaxation and stress evaporating -The dissolving of karmic influences and unresolved issues -Healing abilities being activated -Recalling past life experiences -Spontaneous activation of inner vision and psychic abilities One of the most difficult things about the Stargate work is the realization that there is nothing to do… It is an allowing.



Diamond Springs Center of Healing Arts and Training 851 Pleasant Valley Road, 530-295-8440 Cost is $20.00 Pre Register Now !


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