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Diamond Springs Center coming events

Easter Sunday 4-6 Placerville Drum Circle will have a special event celebrating new life and renewal. Join us at the Odd Fellows Hall on Main street Placerville upstairs above the army , navy store. call Peter 530-622-5131

Diane 530-295-8440 Bring Drum or Rattle

Placerville Shamanic Drum Circle



Our Monthly meeting with Psychic Medium Andrea, will return in May the 5th at 6:00 Diamond Center. We will continue to have our favorite medium on the first Fridays of every month.

Andrea has helped me and others connect with spirit guides and ancestors from the other side, often giving those who are here a chance to say the things that they were not able to say before loved ones passed. She can also relay messages from guides and ancestors . The cost is $50 a person, very limited to 10 or less. Everyone gets an individual reading. The center has a loving atmosphere where all feel safe and protected. Came and join us.

Diamond Springs Center night with Andrea Psycic

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