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Spirit Social Monday Aug 5th


Please join us at the Diamond Springs Center for healing arts and training Monday Sept 5th.

from 6:00 - 8:00

for a Spirit Social.

We will be creating a Despacho, A Peruvian Shamanism gift to Mother Earth

The reverent creation and offering of a Despacho gives each of us the chance to step into the sacred center of our own life, offering deep gratitude and prayers for our world. Despachos are most often offered to Pachamama (the energies of Mother Earth), or to the Apukuna (the energies of the mountain spirits). When we make a Despacho, we prepare a delicious meal for the Unseen world --- it is as if we cooked and served a holiday dinner for our families and our friends, while consciously adding love and prayers along with each of the main ingredients and the spices!

There will be a pot luck following for community chat and fun.

Meet like minded people and join in the sacred celebration and learn how to create your own Despacho.

851 Pleasant Valley Road

Diamond Springs, cal.

call Diane 530-295-884

donation $10

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