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    Quantum Spiritual Life Coach

    Certified Stargate Facilitator

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I'm Robin Moyer, founder of Passion Quest; A Path to Greater Health and Harmony. Passion Quest is the result of my heart’s desire and intention to live every day in sync with the joyous, abundant life that my intuition tells me is available to each of us, and to assist others to do the same. Perhaps you too can feel the potential for change in individual and collective consciousness, and want to be a part of the shift that is happening. Everything is possible when we are in accord with the yearnings of our Higher Self and accessing the vastness of our superconsciousness. Let me introduce you to my practice and my purpose:

Along with my services as a Certified Quantum Spiritual Life Coach, I am also a Credentialed Teacher, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Quantum Process/Neurolinguistic Practitioner, Shamanic Counselor, Certified Stargate Facilitator, and Practiced Seminar Leader.

With over 30 years of experience in education and holistic endeavors, I’ve integrated my two greatest passions, learning and healing, into a practice of

practical techniques to accelerate, empower, and educate clients towards greater personal health, harmony, and consciousness expansion. I utilize a combination of highly effective traditional and non-traditional tools intended to create a great acceleration, expansion, and shift in consciousness.

A key motivator for me in my practice is the realization that many of us yearn to successfully integrate what we sometimes see as the fragmented aspects of our lives. We want to

be strong, successful, and empowered, and also whole, healthy, and connected with that which brings us personal joy. When we uproot our limiting beliefs and replace them with those that serve our greater purpose, we find that we can be successful in all areas of our life; our relationships, career/vocation, health, and time and resources. In that way all of our challenges are spiritual. The change we seek is within each of us. Change the beliefs, and expand the limitations we sometimes put on what we see, hear, and experience, and your life is transformed.

The services at Passion Quest are designed to assist you in living the passionate life that you desire and deserve! I will lead you through guided journeys of discovery, facilitate changes in deep-rooted patterns of consciousness, and help you navigate through your most precious quantum dreams, replacing old beliefs with those that match your life goals. You will discover more clearly who you truly are, and expand into all your many quantum possibilities!

About my services:

Spiritual Life Coaching Session: During our individualized, practical, step-by-step journey of discovery and healing, I will utilize a combination of Quantum, Neurolinguistic,

and Clinical Hypnotherapeutic techniques, along with in-depth Inner Child work specifically designed to awaken your super consciousness, shift old beliefs and deep-rooted patterns of behavior, and assist you to envision and live the passionate life that you desire and deserve. You will be empowered to change your own life and to have the tools needed to continue the process we have begun each and every day.


Advanced Quantum Coaching: This one-on-one coaching is designed for those who have identified and worked on clearing many core old beliefs, and would like to take their spiritual discovery work to the next level. Learn to Channel and work with your individual Guides, fine-tune your intuition, and interpret your own visions and dreams


Shamanic Healing and Coaching: During this 5-week individual training, you will learn the basic techniques of Core Shamanic Journeying. You will learn and practice how to journey to “non-ordinary” reality to discover your own personal Spirit Animals and Guides, and most importantly, how to frame questions for best results and interpret your own experiences.


The Stargate Experience: I co-facilitate guided energy meditations at the Center with Diane. The Stargate assists you in rapid personal transformation. Join our meetup group @ for dates. Private Stargate coaching for purposes of more in-depth individual healing and change also available


Additional services, upcoming workshops locally and to sacred sites, and testimonials can be found on my website: 

In all cases, you are your own healer. My role is to just assist you so that your own healing process can occur. Miracles DO Happen! Your desire will make it happen.